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Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Blog, Mods | 0 comments

Can I run 285/75xR16 Tires without a lift on my 3rd Gen?

Can I run 285/75xR16 Tires without a lift on my 3rd Gen?

Long story short the answer is yes with some complications. I searched forever about this online, when I found a smoking deal for a set of 4 Falken Wild Peak ATs on craigslist. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I decided to go ahead and buy the tires and mount them up to see for myself. The result was surprising. I was expecting A LOT of rub and driving to be un bearable. After discount tire mounted them all up, I was shocked that when I turned out of my driveway there was no rub! Granted these tires are no Mud Tires. After driving around for a day on these tires I noticed there were certain angles that the tires would rub on my flares and I had a decrease in my turning radius. After flexing out a bit I found a few of the bad spots.

How It sits right after I mounted the tires up.
97 4Runner Build Header

This is my mini test flex

I little bit of rub on the inside drives side fender, Which I trimmed.

Turning Radius on the drivers side.

Passenger side.



I had Absolutely no problem in the rear with stuffing.

Summing it up, If you want a wider and taller tire, ideally you have a small lift, but if your just going for looks and don’t plan on running a really knobby tire (BFG MK2, Toyo OP MT, or Nitto Mud Grappler) just to name a few, and you don’t mind doing a fair amount of trimming in the front you shouldn’t have a problem with driving on the street and maybe some LIGHT trail ridding.

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